Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Anna Kendrick is happy to take what 2022 throws at her, and she made the announcement while showing off her bikini body. The Love Life actress started the year with a bang on Instagram, posting a group snap while poolside and showing her swimsuit game is strong, also big-time raking in the fan love.



Anna tends not to post too often, but when she does, it’s a hit. Ahead, see the Pitch Perfect star’s New Year welcome and her best snaps.

Scroll for the photo. It showed Anna with friends and surrounded by the small crowd while poolside. Backed by lush greenery and sunlight, Anna was seen in pink bikini bottoms and a semi-sheer tee, posing with one of her toned legs slightly folded – a male pal had his arm around her. Smiling confidently with her hair up in a ponytail and makeup-free, Anna told fans:


“Well. 2021. You were a little b-tch in many ways. But pre-omicron you managed to bring a lot of cool sh-t.”See More Photos Below

The brunette beauty continued eyeing what might be to come, adding: “So, thanks for giving me a taste of excitement and adventure before ripping it away again??? I’LL TAKE IT!”

Quick to reply was pal @chrissiefit, who wrote: “Let’s freaking take what we can get! 2022, better act right 💁🏽‍♀️ Love my pre Omni adventures with you boo!” A like also quickly came in from 41-year-old Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson, herself making plenty of swimwear headlines of late.





More below.Anna has been hunkered down over the pandemic just like everyone else. She’s also been opening up on it, last year telling Shape:

“I’m trying to have a sense of play,” adding: “A lot of my life over the last decade has been work, recover, work, recover. That doesn’t leave much room for anything else. That’s the mindset and the reality for a lot of people. You work and then recover so you can work some more. Putting some fun and silliness into my life is

Bikini Body Secret
The super-healthy star also dished on her workout routines, ones that seemingly come varied.

“Every time I try something new, I’m like, I found it! I found the only workout I’ll ever need!” she said. Kendrick continued: “Then I get so obsessed with it that I burn out and have to start over with something new. I went through phases of yoga, Pilates, barre classes, and running. The only thing I’ve never tried, because I know I would be bad at it, is workouts where they yell at you: ‘Come on! Get those knees up!'”



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