Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Blake Shelton has been romantically linked to two absolutely stunning women in recent years: his ex-wife Miranda Lambert and the blonde bombshell Gwen Stefani! So, which knows how to rock the sexiest looks?!

On Aug. 30 a report surfaced that Blake Shelton, 40, and Gwen Stefani, 47, have broken up! “[Blake] felt like he had to stand strong and put an end to the fighting,” a sourced relayed to OK! magazine. What does this mean!? All summer Blake and Gwen have looked like they were having the time of their lives together! And the country music has been all about bonding with her sons! We want answers! Since Blake’s romantic future could be up in the air, it feels like a good time to consider which of his ladyloves has the sexiest style! Is it Gwen or his ex-wife Miranda Lambert, 33? Take a peek at both celebs’ incredible looks right here!

When it comes to trying new, wild looks (and somehow always making them work), Gwen definitely takes the cake! And, let’s face it, her signature platinum blonde locks definitely give every style she tries out some serious edge! It also has to be mentioned that her makeup is ALWAYS on point! But Miranda is no slouch! She may not share sizzling bikini selfies as often as Gwen but she definitely knows how to shine in a classy, cleavage-flaunting gown from time to time!

Despite the breakup news, our source says Gwen and Blake are not only going strong, they have been talking babies! “If Gwen IS pregnant, or [gets] pregnant soon, it seems Blake would be perfectly fine with it because he is not in any apparent stress around friends anytime family talk is brought up. He actually welcomes the discussion,” our source previously shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “If anyone brings up if he’d like to be a father, he looks at it fondly and speaks about how it would be a blessing. But he also is keeping things close to his vest when it comes to confirming anything, and at the same time he isn’t denying it either.” It sure doesn’t sound like love on the rocks to us! Weigh in on who has the sexiest looks below!

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