Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

The actress, singer, and superhero Hailee Steinfeld recently added “washboard abs” to her ginormous assortment of qualities. The Hawkeye actress already knocked everyone’s socks off while promoting her newest song in a trendy bikini top back in July, clearly intending to go for a coup de grâce while flaunting her fashionable and vogue yellow floral suit, perfectly showing her toned physique, much to the Internet’s delight. The post was also made with absolutely no caption other than a heart emoji, letting her abs- no, suit- speak for themselves.

Almost immediately, the picture had an afloat of comments coming in as fans started to marvel over the Pitch Perfect actress and her many assets. Some of the comments included:
After landing her role as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, and as any aspiring superhero, Steinfeld had to start somewhere with her workout routine, but the stars were clearly aligned for the already fit actress. Steinfeld’s father is a trainer who has helped the actress through every step of the way, even teaching her how to kickbox from an early age — even if she couldn’t get it right at first, as she told Delish.
However, the actress has been more than transparent about her workout and eating habits, sharing with Byrdie that she “[tries] to devote at least 15 minutes a day to getting some sort of physical activity in, whether it’s riding a bike, taking a walk, even just walking around in [her] backyard for 15 minutes,” with the intention of getting “some fresh air and the blood pumping.”

If you’re looking to have some rock-hard abs on par with Kate Bishop, there are plenty of videos of the actress sharing a bit more insight into her routine. From sharing her six-pack secret on The Kelly Clarkson Show – just a mere 3,000 crunches a day- to explaining her first routine during Hawkeye training, there is more than enough content out there to get your very own Bishop abs, so check out if this superhero training matches your pacing.

It’s time to get spooky as the new trailer for Jordan Peele‘s stop-motion horror, Wendell & Wild, has arrived.

“Kat, it’s time to face your demons,” the trailer begins before spinning into a spine-tingling spiral of all the things that haunt her nightmares. There’s death, greed, and the inevitable struggle of simply surviving those formidable yet dizzying middle and high school years.

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