Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Between the Emmy-winning ensemble comedy “The Big Bang Theory” and landing her first solo Emmy nod for HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant,” Kaley Cuoco hasn’t stopped working in years.

“I’ve not even taken a vacation,” Cuoco told Glamour in a cover story. “I would rather work than hang out on a beach somewhere. But [that relentless pursuit] was making me sick.”

And Cuoco meant that literally: While the star filmed Season 2 of “The Flight Attendant” over seven months across three countries, Cuoco developed a stress-induced skin condition due to the intensity of the new season and her recent divorce.


“As big as Season 1 was, this is an even bigger swing — 10 times the size in scope,” Cuoco said. “Plus, there’s so much in my personal life I was going through. I never felt relief from it. As an actor, I love going to play something else; you get to escape. But I just didn’t feel I had an escape this season at all. It all kind of melted into one.”

“The Flight Attendant” Season 2 finds Cuoco’s Cassie Bowden unraveling as she grapples with sobriety and being an official C.I.A. operative. The new season premieres April 21 on HBO Max, and Cuoco previously called out the “mega highs and lows” on social media.

“I’d have these emotional scenes and then I’d go home and cry over my personal life,” Cuoco explained to Glamour. “I developed a rash that went from my lower stomach down my leg. It lasted for seven months. I discovered through therapy and through my doctors that it was completely emotional. That’s how the stress was [showing up] physically. I couldn’t even walk.”


Cuoco continued about production, “The scenes were so hot and driven; there was no calmness. I mean, the rash on my leg doesn’t lie. It was nuts. It’s gone now, but I know that I’m prone to it.”

The “Big Bang Theory” alum also had to come to terms with her fear that she would be judged for switching lanes after the CBS sitcom ended.

“When I decided to do ‘The Flight Attendant,’ I was like, Are people going to judge this choice, because they see me as a comedic actress?” Cuoco said. “This was supposed to be one season and then it turned into a huge second season, and I’m so grateful.”

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