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A former tennis player from Russia. Maria Sharapova has a fortune of $180 million. Since 1994, she has been a permanent resident of the United States. Even though she competes for Russia internationally. Maria Sharapova has been named world number one on five consecutive occasions. For a total of 21 weeks at the top of the rankings. As a tennis player, Mario Sharapova has been widely praised for the mental toughness she displayed throughout her career.



Income/Endorsements of Maria Sharapova
She was the highest-paid female athlete in the world for 11 straight years. Since becoming pro in 2001. It’s been projected that she’s made about $285 million in total earnings. Besides her tennis prowess. She has a number of sponsorships and other commercial enterprises to her name.

On April 19, 1987, Maria Yuryevna Sharapova was born in Nyagan, Russia. The Soviet Union was the country’s name at the time of her inception. As a result of Chernobyl’s nuclear tragedy occurring in 1986. Maria’s parents moved to Nyagan before she was born. Sochi was the family’s new home when Maria was three years old.

Tennis was Maria Sharapova‘s first sport when she was four years old. Sharapova’s talent was already apparent at the little age of six. Her coach advised that she join the IMG Academy in Florida after she attended a skills clinic at the university. Her father borrowed the money to bring his daughter to the United States in 1994. Despite the fact that they were not wealthy. Maria’s mother eventually arrived in the family two years later. After finally obtaining a visa. Her education expenses were eventually eliminated after accepting a deal with IMG. At the tender age of nine. She formally joined in a tennis training program for professionals.

Early in Life
Sharapova made her professional tennis debut in 2000. Further winning the Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships in New York City. She had only turned 16 at the time. She was a professional tennis player by the time she was fourteen. In the beginning, she was limited in the number of professional matches she could participate in. As a result, she decided to return to competing in junior events. For the first time in the tournament’s history. She made it all the way to the championship match. She has three tournament victories under her belt by the end of 2002. When she was placed sixth in the junior world rankings.

Success of Maria Sharapova
As a professional tennis player in 2003. Maria Sharapova was able to compete in a complete tournament and finish the year in the world’s top 50. She defeated Serena Williams in the DFS Classic in 2004 to get into the top 20. A surprising upset, in the words of reporters, was what happened. As a result, Sharapova was elevated to the status of a legitimate championship contender and stayed there for several years.

A great deal of attention was paid to her in 2004. Further when she reached the finals of the Zurich Open and won the WTA World Tour Championship. It was when she defeated Serena Williams. Sharapova rose to third in the global rankings in the first few months of 2005. It wasn’t until the end of the year that Lindsay Davenport overtook her as the year’s top-ranked female tennis player.

At the end of the year, Sharapova had three major titles under her belt. Despite a rough start. She was ranked second in the world at the conclusion of the year. As a result of her run to the Australian Open finals in 2007, Sharapova regained her position as the world’s top player once again. For seven weeks, she held the number one rank until her losses finally caught up with her. After that, she was sidelined for a significant period of time with a shoulder issue. Despite winning the Acura Classic. Sharapova had a disappointing year, finishing just outside the top 5 in the world rankings.

Professional Life of Maria Sharapova
She won the Australian Open in 2008. It is which marked a return to form for Sharapova. Sharapova recovered the world number one ranking halfway through the season. In the latter half of the year. Her form suffered due to the fact that her shoulder continued to aggravate her. It was discovered that the shoulder damage was far more severe than first thought, necessitating surgery. X-rays

It was a major setback for Sharapova’s career and global rankings while she recovered from surgery. During the time she was rehabilitating. She fell to 126th in the global rankings. During the summer of 2009. Maria Sharapova had returned to the tennis court and was progressively regaining her previous form. She ranked 14th at the end of the year. Despite her poor performance continuing into 2010, she was making progress. A spate of good performances in 2011 hinted that Maria Sharapova was regaining her best form. After a disastrous end to the year with an ankle injury, she nevertheless managed to complete the year in the top five.

In spite of her ankle injury, she quickly rose to second place in the global rankings in 2012. A silver Olympic medal helped her momentarily return to the top of the world rankings. Sharapova had a promising year in 2013. But was forced to retire early due to a second shoulder injury. Sharapova made her return in 2014. She finished the year ranked second in the world after winning the Stuttgart Open. The Madrid Open, and the French Open.

After winning the Australian Open for the fourth time in 2015. It was the pinnacle of the year. Injuries hindered her season in 2016. To make matters worse. Sharapova was banned for using performance-enhancing drugs despite her insistence that she was only following her doctor’s orders and was unaware she was violating any regulations. She won her first WTA championship in four years after her comeback in 2017 after serving a four-year ban.

Sharapova’s return to the world’s top 25 rankings began in January of this year. It was evident by the conclusion of the year that her career was over. And she ended up in 29th place. In 2019, she was further hampered by more injuries. Maria Sharapova announced her retirement from tennis in 2020, only a few weeks after her 800th match.

The Property Market
For a total of $8.6 million, Maria purchased a five-acre home in Summerland, California in October of 2020.

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