Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

When Meghan Markle is far from home, she’s still got her boys on her mind. Case in point: the Duchess of Sussex wore a sweet charm necklace with Prince Harry and Archie’s initials on it when she returned to the states for the US Open.



Meghan showed up to support BFF Serena Williams during the weekend match, and while our eyes were first drawn to her darling J.Crew dress, a closer look showed she had something special around her neck. Her Mini Mini Dog Tag Necklace ($145) features an “H” and an “A” initial for her family back in Britain. How sweet!

Meghan Markle Wearing Mini Mini Jewels Dog Tag Necklace at the US Open

This necklace is just one of many sentimental (and stylish) accessories Meghan owns. When she and Harry first made their relationship public, she stepped out wearing a necklace in tribute to their romance, and more recently she wore a gold pendant with the letter “A” for Archie. If this is the way Meghan sends a message to the ones she loves, consider us swooning.

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