Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

In the second of a three-part interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, the former Duchess of Sussex, has revealed astonishing details of her relationship breakdown with the British royal family which very nearly got her thrown into the Tower of London.

Last week, Meghan told Oprah that the British monarchy was based upon institutional racism, and that the current set of royals made comments about her baby’s skin colour whilst it was still in her womb.

This week, she claims that, although the Queen looks like a harmless, dotty old grandma, she is, in fact, a worldwide crime boss whose tentacles stretch across the globe.

Markle said she had been told by Her Majesty that it would be easy to have her ‘put out of the way’ in the famous old Tower, and kept there for a while until the search for her had been called off.

Then she could be ‘disposed of’.

The Queen then imitated holding a noose, and pulling it upwards as if someone were being hung. As she did, she put out her tongue to a side, to indicate death had occurred.

She hinted that:

“Dartmoor is nice at this time of the year, as are the Scottish Highlands.”

When Meghan turned pale, the monarch then said her grand-daughter-in-law could just as easily be got rid of with a bullet.

At this, she said, the Queen fashioned her index finger and thumb into the form of a gun, ‘fired’ it, and winked.

Meghan says Prince Harry then entered the room, and the Queen gave the Duchess another wink.

Winfrey hungrily gobbled all of this up, and looked disgusted, as if it had been true.

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