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Princess Charlotte attended the Queen’s funeral today with her brother, Prince George. The siblings arrived Westminster Abbey with their mother, Kate, and Camilla, the Queen Consort. Before entering the Abbey, Charlotte was spotted making a sweet comment as she spoke to a member of the clergy.


Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral took place today, September 19, at Westminster Abbey, and all the royals were in attendance. They were the last to enter the Abbey, following in the footsteps of heads of state and other guests. Among them were Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who had been given the choice if they wanted to attend their great-grandmother’s funeral or not.

George and Charlotte arrived the Abbey by car with their mother and Camilla, Queen Consort. Before entering, they were introduced to a member of the clergy, and Charlotte was spotted making a sweet comment towards him. She gave him a cursty and said something that lip reader Jeremy Freeman has been able to depict.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jeremy explained Charlotte had said: “Pleasured to meet you.”George was equally as polite and said “good morning” to the member of the clergy, according to Jeremy.

Princess Charlotte


The children looked smart in their mourning clothes – George dressed in a navy blue suit and Charlotte in a collared coat dress with tights.

She accessorised with a wide-brimmed hat and a brooch in the shape of a horse shoe. This was a clear nod to the Queen as she loved horses. During her reign, she was happiest in the countryside surrounded by her horses and her dogs. This was the first time Charlotte had worn a piece of jewellery out in public, and it was a fitting occasion to showcase her likely collection of accessories.

George and Charlotte attended the funeral today after days of speculation over their presence. The decision for them to attend was made without “pressure”, a royal editor said, as the siblings were free to make their own choice.

The Sunday Times’ Royal Editor Roya Nikkhah said: “My understanding from William’s and Catherine’s team is that that decision was made yesterday.”But it was really up to whether the children felt they wanted to be there.

Princess Charlotte


“And I know that William and Catherine have been speaking to them a week. “There has been no pressure at all despite the world wanting to see the symbolism of the future king George at his great-grandmother’s funeral.” Ms Nikkhah continued: “There was no pressure. It was a call they made personally.”

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