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Kaley Cuoco is making her boundaries clear to everyone on set, as evidenced by the new “trailer rules” poster on her trailer door.

The blonde babe is currently busy filming The Flight Attendant season 2 and it looks like she is in dire need of some privacy.

Cuoco shared the ridiculously funny new rules on her Instagram account for her followers to see.

Scroll down to see Cuoco’s trailer rules.

Don’t Knock Unless It’s An Emergency

Cuoco turned 36 and her friends decided to surprise her on set by sprucing up her trailer with decorations.

Part of the surprise is the “trailer rules” printed out on a colorful unicorn poster, which was pinned on the door of her trailer.

The first rule – “Do not knock unless it’s an emergency.” Her friends also made sure to throw in “Beware of dog”, seeing that Cuoco is always with her furbabies.

The actress screamed and jumped with joy over the surprise.


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Ice Cream Surprise From Bestie

Drops of Dough | Instagram
Drops of Dough | Instagram


The surprise didn’t stop there. Kaley’s bestie Zosia Mamet, who plays lawyer best friend to Cassie Bowden, organized Drops of Dough ice cream catering on their set.

Mamet once spoke of her developing friendship with Cuoco. According to the actress, they had an immediate spark of chemistry early on.

“I was pretending to be on my phone in the audition room, and Kaley walked up and bopped me on the nose, which wasn’t in the script, and I immediately swatted her hand away like, “Don’t do that.” I always say that, in that moment, Annie and Cassie were born.”


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