Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Sabrina Carpenter could not have been more excited for the Vogue World runway show and street fair last night. “We are celebrating 130 years of Vogue. It is so iconic and legendary,” she said. “I’ve bought so many issues of Vogue in my life they give so many incredible people a platform.” For the event, Carpenter, a recent transplant to New York, was radiant.


While the actor arrived at her getting-ready suite in super casual attire–a basketball jersey over a T-shirt–she left looking radiant. Carpenter opted for a vintage Alexandre Vaulthier black halter dress with a keyhole criss-cross at the chest, along with a bedazzled heart-shaped bag, a bracelet that coiled around the wrist, and a pair of vertiginous heels. Her hair was piled into a relaxed top knot, with her curtain bangs framing her face.

Off of the red carpet and beyond the front row, Carpenter describes her style in a laid back way. “A girl figuring out who she is in her early 20s,” she says. “I do a lot of vintage and thrift shopping. I like stories behind clothes.” One story in her look that night? Carpenter’s ring that spells out her initials. “My one accessory that I always wear is my initial ring.”

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