Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Salma Hayek is going to have the sexiest Christmas you have ever seen, and she just teased us with the mind-blowing outfit she is going to wear on this very special night!

The ‘Desperado’ actress just shared a stunning shot on Instagram from inside of her massive closet, but it’s not the size that has social media in a tailspin. The award-winning actress circled a little present which is hanging in the background and it will leave you breathless!

Right behind her in the shot, is a naughty Santa’s outfit that comes in the form of a tiny mini-dress.

If you look closely, Salma circled a red and white mini-dress which is hanging in her closet, and says she is going to toss this thing on when we get to the holiday! Let’s just say Hayek’s husband is the luckiest guy on the planet!

The dress itself looks like the naughtiest and sexiest version of a Mrs. Claus outfit you can imagine and is sure to show off her eye-popping assets!

As you know, Salma Hayek is well known for melting down Instagram with hotshots — but this one is ridiculous. It appears fans are even crazier if she is actually wearing the sexy outfit but just teasing us about wearing it later!

Don’t get your hopes up because Salma is happily married and only one guy is going to get to see her in the smoking hot outfit and that is her billionaire husband, François-Henri Pinault. The couple has been together since 2009, and never looked back.

As always, several fans begged the legendary actress to join OnlyFans and give them the opportunity to see a bit more — maybe the Santa outfit?!– but there is no way!

Salma even recently defended her marriage after fans flooded her social media asking if she was single. “Are you still single?” the fan wrote, Salma quickly replied: “Been happily married for a long time.”

Well, we are guessing we will never see that little Santa Claus number, so we are going to have to settle for just something in red. How about this mind-blowing bikini shot?!

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