Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Just as there are girls who love the runner’s high or live for leg day, there are also those who have a hard time sticking with an exercise routine… Salma Hayek is one of those people. To maintain her figure, the Mexican actress does cardio and watches her diet, although the “going to the gym” part isn’t exactly her favorite. This is what she confessed in one of her Instagram posts, where she also showed the fun solution she has come up with to banish gym boredom forever.




Salma has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood and she’s certainly not shy about showing it off in her social media posts. And what’s the biggest key to maintaining her fantastic bikini body? One word: exercise. So François-Henri Pinault’s wife uses a secret weapon to make her workout time extra fun – music.



“I hate working out, but I love dancing,” the producer wrote next to a video in which she appears on a treadmill putting in some workout miles. As she stuts along, Salma moves her feet and sways her hips to the rhythm of La Gota Fría by Carlos Vives. Her steps, her pep and her energy were immediately contagious to her fans who revealed that watching her motivated them to get exercising in the same way. Others followers found her workout hack relatable – agreeing that exercising is not as enjoyable without music.




Salma, like many other women, has a grade-A beauty routine that prevents signs of aging. However, the Mexican beauty certainly doesn’t shy away from showing how her advancing years is affecting her raven locks.



“Proud of my gray hair,” Salma wrote next to a snapshot which shows off the platinum-colored tresses that peek out from her mane. Salma, who embraces her natural hair, can pull off any look – she will wear her hair completely gray in upcoming thriller The Hummingbird Project.

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