Fri. Sep 30th, 2022


JENNIFER ANISTON is set for an unhappy Thanksgiving after her first schoolgirl crush went public with intimate details of their childhood romance. The former Friends beauty shared her first kiss with Adonis Tsilimparis as a 12 year old at a school in New York, and 31 years later he has spoken out to reveal details of their brief courtship.


He even showed off a Valentine’s Day card Aniston sent him, which contained the message, “Dear Adonis, Love & Friendship Always. Love Ya. Jennifer A.”



In an interview with the New York Daily News, Tsilimparis, who writes musical scores for films and TV shows, reveals he and Aniston would sneak behind a staircase at school to kiss.

He says, “She was very open, very, very sweet. She was very, very loving, and she had a very big heart… We used to go to the back stairs at school at lunchtime and make out.”

Who was Jennifer Aniston’s first crush? Actress opens up about her first love
The 53-year-old award-winning actress Friday attended a popular “burning questions” segment of a TV show. LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Aniston, who has been in news since her reunion with ex-husband Brad Pitt at en event, has just opened up about her love life to keep her fans excited.


The 53-year-old award-winning actress Friday attended a popular “burning questions” segment of a TV show, where ‘The Morning Show’ star revealed an untold story about men from her past.

Aniston, during the show, was surprisingly asked to disclose her first celebrity crush. The star didn’t hesitate to respond and named the person she had crush in the past. The actress shouted: “Shaun Cassidy!”


The Golden Globe winner also revealed who her first kiss was, saying: “Mine was with a young man named Christian.”Unfortunately, it seems to take a lifetime for fans to figure out the man’s true identity.

The Hollywood star was also asked about the craziest rumour she had heard about herself, Aniston quipped, “I don’t have time for this.”

The Hollywood star appeared at the show with 52-year-old “Anchorman” actor Will Ferrell. Her interview comes days after the Apple TV actress and Pitt, 56, sparked a media frenzy over their touchy-feely reunion backstage at the SAG awards.

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